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Hardware as a Service

Finally you can take the unpredictability out of your technology budget. Hardware as A Service, or HaaS, programs from Doctor Computer can help you to avoid large up-front technology costs and are a simple way to keep track of your IT expenditures and reduce the need for regular equipment and operating system updates.

When our HaaS programs are combined with Doctor Computer’s managed IT support service plans, your monthly fee allows you to fix your IT costs and avoid periodic large capital outlays and random emergency service calls while providing you with the peace-of-mind knowing that your equipment, installation and maintenance and support services are completely covered.

The HaaS flat-fee model not only helps you track expenses, but also provides tax advantages by changing your IT investments from capitalized expenditures that are deductible over time and turning them into deductible operating costs.

Hardware as a Service programs from Doctor Computer enable you to pay over time for all of the technology that small businesses need today including: 

If you have a server emergency and need a new server but don’t have the cash flow today to afford it talk to Doctor Computer about a HaaS pricing plan